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Family Memorial Castlemaine

Family Memorial Castlemaine Cemetery, Campbells Creek erected in 2012.

Castlemaine Mail

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The descendants then laid flowers and Vin Bibby gave a short speech of appreciation from Harry Thomas’s family. Afterward lunch was taken at the old Criterion Hotel in Castlemaine during which the owner of the 28 Hunter Street invited all to visit the house the next day.

Overall it was a great day and whilst we waited for all to gather an air of general well being and banter prevailed with the children playing together amongst the gravestones to remind us perhaps that William’s children were also here although likely in their time, a more sombre mood and beyond the age of play of course.

The local newspaper the Castlemaine Mail ran a Friday feature on the event a copy of which can be obtained by contacting Victor using the contact detail on this web site or click on the newspaper thumbnail. Below are some images from the day.

The celebration to mark the erection of a marble headstone on a granite plinth at Castlemaine Cemetery on the grave of the last child of William, Cecil Normanton Bibby took place as planned on a fine and sunny April Saturday morning. A group of direct descendants that comprised six great, three great great and four great great great grandchildren of William, with some of their family were present for the brief ceremony.

Victor gave a short speech of welcome  and explained the purpose behind the erection of the memorial in relation to the family and  William’s story; these words can be found in the extract from the booklet on the Castlemaine Page under the Introduction tab in the part about Berkeley Street.

A great great great grandson of William, Jed William Bibby laid a spray of Rosemary and White Roses and read the names of the family on the memorial including the last line of the epitaph to remind us not to forget this great story.