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Return to Raub November 2011


A party of ten comprising eight descendants of William, including two spouse/partners visited Raub in early November 2011. They were a grandson of Alice Sarah (Dolly), four grandchildren of Harry Thomas and three grandchildren of Frederick Alfred. Thereby, the offspring of at least three of William’s children who were at Raub were represented.

The party visited the existing mining operations which included a gold pour, toured the remains of the mines located in the Bukit Koman mine area, the site of the old railway, the mining areas and ruins just to the north of Raub Town, Bibby Road, The River Bilut, the power station built by William on the Sempam River and went to Frasers Hill for an overnight stay. All of these activities were undertaken as guests of the RAGM Bhd the present mine owners.

Raub Guest House Hotel

Raub Town Power Station

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Booklets were prepared by the author to help in understanding what happened at Raub in William’s time and these are included on this web site at the following links, just click on the paragraph:

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The visit caught the attention of the newspapers and a number of articles appeared in the Chinese and Malay newspapers of which copies are included in some of the images on this page.