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Family History After Raub


This section is a short summary of what happened to the family after the era of Raub as an aid to further research. The author would wish to contact any surviving relative, not to date identified. This is to ensure not only completeness of the chronicle but agreement to placing their family history in the public domain.

Included is a collection of images of family post the Raub era already held by the author, and those so far that have been kindly given by family already identified in Australia.

Most of William’s family returned to Australia but some family went to live in England. Also, William had siblings, one who had progeny and who he provided for in his Will; these were living in England and Wales at the turn of the century. The following is briefly what occurred regarding marriages and progeny, taken from newspapers in Australia and the Federated Malay States (FMS) and other records and accounts, starting with William listing his parents and the Will detail only, and then his children by order of first born.

William - Born 31 March 1837 Liverpool although no church or official record found. Date based on recorded statements and UK census records. Father William born 1801, labourer, married Margaret Redrick born 1806, in 1831. Census records 1841 shows family living in Soho Street, District 35, Liverpool. Residents listed were; Father William Age 40, Mother Margaret Age 35, Thomas Age 10, Ellen Age 6, William Age 4, Catherine Age 2, Moses Age five month. Census of 1901 shows Catherine still in Menai and Ellen living in Liverpool. In William’s Will, written in 1898, the following are listed as beneficiaries:

William Charles - Charles died accidentally, in 1898 at Jelebu Tin Mine Pahang. There was no record of any marriage found and no known progeny. Reference mainly FMS Newspapers and State archives.

Alice Sarah (Dolly) - Married Charles Henry Paul, Engineer, youngest son of William Paul of Brooklyn, New York, Raub 1899. Record of departure Raub not found. Records show they went to live in Ballarat and thence to live in Hurstville, Sydney. They had two sons and a daughter who died at birth. Both sons married and had issue of which family is living in Australia including one great grandson of William.

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Harry Thomas - Married Ellen (Nellie) Nilsson Singapore 1897 and had a daughter also called Nellie born in Singapore. Harry and family returned to live in Ballarat in 1901 and lived for a while with Harry Davies William’s brother-in-law at his house called Norwood. They had a son in Ballarat who died. They then moved to Melbourne and had another daughter and a son who both married and had issue of which families are living in Australia, including seven great grandchildren of William.

Frederick Alfred - Married Annie Brain, St Arnaud 1892 and had a son in St Arnaud then two sons in Kuala Lumpur. Frederick died in Raub in 1901. Annie had returned with the sons to St Arnaud in 1900. The three sons all married and two had issue of which families are living, all in Australia including three great grandchildren of William.

Edith Margaret -  Her death records show she had married a Tasker Bertram in Calcutta around 1899. She returned to Australia some time after as passenger records show she left Melbourne for Calcutta in 1904. She then returned to Australia as a divorcee, and re-married, a Robert Wilkinson from Adelaide, in Brisbane in 1909. She died a widow in Sydney 1952 with no issue from either marriage.

Arthur Hector - Married Marie (maiden name unknown) F. M. S. around 1920. Family remained resident there until his death in 1938 and is buried at Raub. Progeny, one daughter Daphne B, birth date unknown. Wife and Daughter left FMS 1941 and returned 1945. Daughter married in 1946 at St Andrews Cathedral, Singapore, to Petty Officer Stanley Cole RN, son of  Mr. And Mrs. G. B. Cole of Portsmouth, England. Divorced later in England and no known issue.

Philip Edward - Married Elizabeth Nilsson Singapore 1900. Returned to Australia 1902. Elizabeth died giving birth to Philip Edward Nilsson, January 1903. Philip re-married Caroline, Elizabeth’s sister in Melbourne December 1903, and soon after moved to Adelaide and had a further son, William John who died young and did not marry. There were four daughters, May, Dora, Ivy and Marge believed to come from his second wife’s earlier marriage. Philip Edward Nilsson married and had issue and a grandson is living in Australia.

Phyllis Evelyn Helen (Nelly) - Married 1899 St Michael's, Polwatte, Ceylon, Major Cecil Alexander Lane, RAMC. They returned to England and also to Ceylon where a son and a daughter were born then back to England. They had three daughters and a son all told and all married in England and all had issue of which family is living in England and Ireland including two great granddaughters of William.