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The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser 11 January 1894

These annual sports were held at Raub with great success on Boxing Day and the day following, about 600 Malays attending from the neighbouring districts, even from Budu. They emigrated in a body to Raub for the occasion and Sempalit, Galli, Sempang and Durian Sabatang sent nearly all their inhabitants including about 100 Malay women.

The sports were under the management of Mr. Bibby and his staff, Mr. Whyte acting as treasurer and paying out the prizes after each event. The sports took place on the level below the battery where the tailings deposited on the swamp have made a rather extensive and firm surface.

The course for the buffalo race was up the swamp, round the Raub Hole new engine shaft and back by the road; this was in order to prevent the buffaloes from engaging in hostilities by the way and to avert dangers of collision.

All the natives were hugely delighted with the two days festival, and Mr. Bibby killed a buffalo and boiled four sacks of rice for their entertainment.

Xmas Sports at Raub

It need hardly be said that these gatherings do more to create a good feeling between Europeans and Pahang Malays than anything that official administration can do. The prize list amounted to over $300.

The programme of the two days’ sports is a long and varied one. It included such events as the following: Boy’s races, Chinamen’s races, races for Malays, a smokers’ race, egg-and-spoon races, wheel-barrow races, sack races, three-legged races, a buffalo race, obstacle races, tugs-of-war, a potato race, dipping for coins in water, the greasy pig, hurdle races, high jump, long jump, races for mandors and tradesmen and many extra events not down on the programme.

There were also aquatic sports on the dam, immensely enjoyed, of which the chief were four tub races, greasy boom on both days, four duck hunts, and four swimming matches.

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