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The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser 11 March 1897

Chinese New Year was celebrated at Raub by what may be termed the Pioneer Cricket Match in Ulu Pahang. For 9 or 10 months past, cricket practice has been carried out rigorously at Raub on Sunday afternoons, and at Lipi and Chapping for some months past practice has been almost daily.

On Monday, 1st February, the members of the team gathered from Kuala Lipis, Chapping and Selinsing arrived at Raub and were quartered in the different Bungalows there and at 8 a.m. on the 2nd play commenced. It had been arranged that if the match could be brought to a conclusion on Tuesday that a return match should be played on the following day, and by allowing only an interval of about 2 hours in the middle of the day this object was accomplished.

As was natural there was a lack of confidence amongst some of the members of the team when batting, but as the play advanced this gradually disappeared and on the second day some very good performances were witnessed, sufficient to prove that there was plenty of excellent material to count upon in the future.

Cricket at Raub

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After the match upon the first day a dinner was given by Mr. Bibby the Raub Manager at his Bungalow, at which about 45 covers were laid and a “sing-song” afterwards was kept up until the small hours of the morning; a most enjoyable evening was spent.

After the match on the second day a “smoker” was held at Mr. Spearing’s Bungalow and was stated by the members present to have beaten all previous records so far as they were concerned. The meeting although the initial one in this part of the Peninsula was voted by everyone present as a great success, the members of the Lipis team left declaring that they had spent the two most enjoyable days that they had had in the Peninsula.

The matches were played upon a ground carefully leveled by the kind assistance of Mr. Bibby, and matting was laid down to guard against the pitch being cut up. The teams were captained by Mr. H. Spearing of Raub and Mr. Roberts of Chapping; the first day’s play resulted in a win for Raub by 19 runs.

The second match was a win for Lipis by 7 wickets. The teams were photographed on the second day by Mr. Conlay of Lipis.

The following were the scores. In the return match Raub made 53 and 84 for 7 wickets, Kuala Lipis 72 and 66 for 3 wickets.

The sale of New Town lots which took place at Raub on the 1st inst., was a great success, over 50 lots were disposed of and it is anticipated that the new township which has started so well, will rapidly spring into a thriving centre.

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